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Residential Gutter Installation

When you own residential property, it is important that you have. Rain, even light precipitation, can do much damage to your gutters over a short span of time. Without reliable rain gutters, rain can wreak havoc upon your roof, walls, insulation, and even the foundation of your home. Thus, it’s vital that you have properly working gutters installed on your home. Gutter installation may seem like an easy enough project to do on your own but hiring a qualified professional can be extremely worthwhile and can potentially save you a lot of trouble. A professional installer has the experience and knowledge to ensure work safety and provide the necessary tools/equipment.

Commercial Gutter Installation

commercial rain gutters have a particular set of procedures that set them apart from their residential counterparts. Commercial rain gutters offer plenty of options when it comes to sizes, styles, and materials. You can pick what you believe will offer the best means of protection for your property. Since the structure of a commercial building is different from a residential home, this will prompt design changes and differing installation methods of your rain gutters. The installation method is determined by the materials and styles. When it comes to installation costs, materials play a key factor in the amount of money that will be spent.

Common Gutter Repairs

The most common gutter repairs include:

  • Loose gutters
  • Leaky gutters
  • Worn out gutters

Weather and time both play a role in the loosening of your gutters. Additionally, clogged gutters are another problem in this respect, since they add extra weight which can cause gutters to loosen and sag. The loosening of your gutters can prevent them from functioning properly. Leaky gutters can be the result of gutters clogged with dirt, debris, snow, ice, etc. Leaky gutters can end up becoming cracked or broken in places and may require professional methods of repair. Over time gutters can develop a list of issues and become worn out. Worn out gutters may have cracks, holes, mold, rust, etc. In this case, consult a professional to determine if your gutters are worth saving or if they need to be replaced.

Gutter Types

There are three main types of gutters:

  • K-style
  • Half-round
  • Box gutters

Each of these styles are available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, vinyl, galvanized steel, and copper. K-style gutters are the most common type in modern residential areas. The two most common sizes of the K-style are 5” and 6” with 5” being the industry standard. Half-round gutters are commonly used in historic or older style homes. These gutters are half of a circular pipe with the top half open for water. Like the K-style, they are also available in 5” and 6” sizes. The most popular style is the box gutter. These gutters are primarily used for commercial or industrial buildings. Box gutters are made to handle large amounts of water from larger roofs. Here at Go Construction, we offer 5” and 6” K-style gutters in addition to half-round gutters.

Residential Gutter Installation FAQs

Why is it important to have properly installed gutters?

Properly working gutters are essential for any residential property. Rain, even a mere inch, can do a lot of damage to your property without gutters. This damage can extend beyond the roof to your walls, insulation, and the foundation of your home. Mold within your home can definitely become a problem as a result of water issues.

When should you replace your gutters?

When your gutters begin to sag, tear away from the structure, or start to crack, these are definite signs that your gutters need to be repaired or altogether replaced.

Why should you hire a professional for residential gutter installation?

Gutter installation or replacement may seem like an easy enough DIY project but we recommend that you hire a professional. A certified and qualified professional will know to properly install your gutters so that they will last. Not only do professionals have the experience but they know how to implement work safety and are capable of using the necessary tools/equipment.

Commercial Gutter Installation FAQs

How do commercial gutters differ from residential gutters?

Both commercial and residential gutters drain the water away from your property. However, commercial gutters tend to be bigger than the average residential gutter. Commercial rain gutters are capable of draining away a much higher degree of water than their residential counterparts. Additionally, commercial gutters require a different type of installation method.

Which style of commercial gutters works best?

While K-style gutters generally tend to be a popular choice, box gutters are actually better suited for commercial gutters. Since most commercial establishments tend to be large and have flat roofs, box gutters are the best, safest choice.

What’s the installation method for commercial gutters?

The method of installation depends on the materials and the style that you choose. For example, box gutters need a seam at every 10 feet, so a sectional installation is used to secure a guttering system big enough to protect the establishment.

Common Gutter Repair FAQs

What is the most common gutter issue?

The most common repair issue concerning gutters is leaky gutters. Gutters can leak because they are clogged with dirt, debris, snow, ice, etc. This leads to water flowing over top of the gutter. Additionally, leaky gutters can be the result of gutters being cracked or broken in certain areas.

When should you get your gutters repaired?

It’s highly important that your gutters are properly working. If you notice that your gutters are clogged, cracked, broken, or have mold, then you should contact a professional immediately. These issues can lead to even more severe problems if not handled right away.

How much do new gutters cost?

The cost of gutters depends on the size (in linear feet), materials, and labor employed.

Gutter Type FAQs

What is the most popular type of gutter for residential homes?

The K-style gutter is the most common type of gutter you’ll find in modern homes. This style complements the structure and look of modern homes the best. The K-style comes in two sizes: 5” and 6”, with 5” being the standard.

What materials are available to choose from for gutters?

Each type of gutter is available in the following materials: aluminum, copper, vinyl, and galvanized steel. For homeowners, aluminum is highly recommended and is the best material. Aluminum gutters are available in a range of colors and can last a long time without rusting.

What is the difference between K-style gutters and half-round gutters?

While K-style gutters are best suited for modern homes, half-round gutters are more used in historic or older homes. Half-round gutters are a bit more rustic and are made from copper. Additionally, half-round gutters are installed differently as brackets need to be installed along the roof edge first so that the gutters can be dropped into place and secured.

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