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Deck Shapes

Wrap-Around Deck

A wrap-around deck goes around your entire home or at least most of your home. While most homes just have a deck in the backyard, a wrap-around deck gives you a scenic view of your entire property. This type of deck not only provides a space for your whole family but it’s perfect for entertaining guests. If you like throwing barbecues or hosting cookouts, then this is definitely the type of deck for you. This deck is even great for you and your family to just lounge around and get a little sun.

In addition to being a welcoming, people-friendly space, another reason as to why big porches have increased in popularity is because of the classic look to it. This deck is reminiscent of the classic Southern-style architecture. A wrap-around deck just gives your home a certain elegance and charm. This Southern-inspired home design will look good anywhere. This timeless touch has the power to make all homes look both traditional and ultra-modern.

Multi-Tiered Deck

A multi-tiered deck has multiple layers set at different heights that are usually connected by a stairway or ramped path. A single-level deck may be too much of a cramped space especially if you want room for a grilling area, a dining area, a spot to lounge around, etc. However, a multi-tiered deck is a great way to expand this space without taking up a lot of your backyard. Each tier or level of your multi-tiered deck can have its own purpose. For example, the first level can be a grilling area while the second level can be the entertaining area. By building up instead of building out, you can create more functional spaces even if you have a smaller backyard.
Additionally, this type of deck is a perfect way to make good use of sloped ground. Adding a deck to your home can be challenging if the ground is uneven. But with a multi-tiered deck, this no longer becomes a concern since this deck doesn’t require leveling. Homeowners don’t have to pay someone to flatten the ground in addition to installing the deck.

Decks tend to be a focal point of your backyard which works well for multi-tiered decks. These decks can be especially visually appealing since they come with additional features such as stairs, railings, and even window boxes. You can even customize the design of each level so that it suits your tastes.

Detached Deck

A detached deck is a low deck that is not attached to the side of the house. These decks usually remain lower than 30 inches and therefore do not require railings and balusters. The major benefit that comes with a detached deck is that you do not need to disturb your house’s siding. When it comes to attached decks, you must cut away part of your home’s siding in order to secure a ledger board. This is in turn a drawback of an attached deck since it relies so much on the structure of your home. The home holds half of the deck’s weight, thus putting additional weight on the home. When you add the weight of outside furniture and people standing on the deck amongst other things then that may cause issues for the stability of your home.

Since detached decks are able to stand independently, they do not require ledger boards. Detached decks will not add any additional weight to your home or rely on it for support since these decks are free standing. As a result, detached decks are very easy to install at a much lower cost. At the same time, detached decks bring a lower resale value than full-scale attached decks.

Cost of a Deck

The Cost of Adding a Roof Over Your Deck

It has become increasingly popular for homeowners to add a roof over their deck. A roof can actually be a very beneficial addition to your deck. A roof can protect your deck from the sun and the rain. This covering can allow you to sit outside in all weather conditions as well as safeguard any furniture out on your deck. If you enjoy barbecuing then you continue to do so even when the weather isn’t warm and dry during the cooler months. If you have a green thumb, you’ll be pleased to know that a roof over your deck can actually help your plants grow by offering them a sheltered location.

The cost of adding a roof is dependent on the design, materials, and the labor needed. Generally, when you hire professionals, the cost lies between $4000-$8000. This may seem pricey, but the reality is that the money you put into upgrading your home will allow your property to fetch more money. Upgrades can make a home look more appealing and add comfort and style to the benefit of both homeowners and potential buyers. Investing in your home can ultimately fetch your home more money on a sale.

Deck Installation FAQs

Do I need a permit for my deck?

In most cases, you need a permit for your deck if it’s 12” above grade. If the deck is less than 12” above grade, you may not need a permit. Always make sure to check with your local permit and inspection office to be aware of the codes in your area.

Is my contractor supposed to be licensed?

Yes, your contractor should have a license to install your deck. Any contractor should be able to provide you with a copy of their home improvement license and a certificate of general liability and workers compensation insurance upon your request.

How long does it take to build a deck?

The building period isn’t definite as it can depend on several factors such as the design, materials needed, customizations, etc. Additionally, if the ground is uneven then you have to factor in the time it takes to flatten it. Generally speaking though, the installation process can take between one to three weeks.

How long will my deck last?

The lifespan of your deck depends on the materials and how well you maintain it. But in general, the average lifespan is 12-15 years or sometimes more.

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